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nato russian missile defense, you could actually make it in that sense further relationship. then perhaps even washington and moscow. i think their primary responsibility to lead our nuclear rucks, maybe there is a conversation to be had between the two capitals, perhaps britain, france, and china, as to how they might make some commitments to nuclear arms control. i will stop at that point, and back to you. >> yesterday, a friend of mine presented me with a wonderful record which is called "three tenors" and they were singing with susm synchronicity, i thought, maybe we can do this thing. with nicoli playing the role -- okes aside, i would say that both tom and steve have interesting arguments. i will start with economy, because it is something that we need to address, and we are addressing. there is a community that has 20-plus sub groups that are co-chaired by people on both sides on the ministerial level, and these commissions are working to get better conditions to encourage business -- countries to work together. which is good. we are working also on improving the l re
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1